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On this page, you can find the most important information you need for installing and using Jabberzilla, and the Jabberzilla Whiteboard. It is very important that you notice the details on this page, because things are rather tricky right now. Basically, this release has come with bad timing, but we can live with it.

If you are new to Jabber, this is not the Jabber client that you should start off with, because of several reasons. Beta 4 will be much more friendly for new users. The settings for generating a new Jabber accounts in Beta 3.5 is broken. However, see my note at the bottom of the page in the green box.

I suggest that you download a client just as JabberIM or Gabber. There are many other good Jabber clients listed there as well, so feel free to try some out. If your really don't know anything about Jabber, then you should also look at for an overview of what this IM technology is all about.


Jabberzilla TEST Release  ::   December 25, 2002


This Jabberzilla TEST Release release is meant for trunk builds, and the upcoming 1.2 Mozilla distribution. No feedback is wanted on this release. This is just to "get the new code out there", even if it's not all working right. Right now it can login and chat, and that's about it.

There is now SSL support, Proxy (but not tested), multiple account settings, and a few other things. Not all new stuff is working yet, and a lot of code that is not yet "turned on".

Click these links to install the client into the Mozilla you are currently running. It must meet the requirements stated above. Both of these must be installed!

install JabberXM TEST Release

install Jabberzilla TEST Release

You can now restart Mozilla.

After your restart, in the Tools menu, there will be a selection to add the Jabberzilla sidebar panel. If Jabberzilla doesn't show up, deselect it in the Tabs menu, then reselect it. Hopefully it will show up then. If that fails, click the light bulb at the bottom of Mozilla and just use that.


The jabberzilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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